Multi-Purpose Kitchen Tool
Hot Date Tree

Take Your Appetizers From Oven-To-Table, With Our Unique Stainless Steel Serving Tree

Create lasting impressions on your entertaining table with the HOT DATE TREE™ – the new, stainless steel oven-to-table kitchen wonder that everyone is talking about. Don't let your food sit on a greasy cooking sheet, elevate your appetizers with the new HOT DATE TREE. Here is the modern kitchen solution you've been looking for; our serving cone makes the perfect reusable platform to create shrimp trees, fruit trees, date trees, croquembouche towers, hot appetizers, cold appetizers, and so much more.

A Unique Appetizer Tree Designed For All Cooks

Developed by gourmet hostess Catherine Tucker, the HOT DATE TREE was designed to make your life easier. Catherine needed a way to both cook and serve her signature appetizer – her delicious and wildly popular bacon-wrapped dates – on the same device. After searching the global market for such a device and finding nothing to suit her needs, the HOT DATE TREE was born! And now you can have this unique invention in your own kitchen. Caterers, chefs, home entertainers, culinary students and cooks of all ages will love this device.

For years, you've been pinning hot appetizers on styrofoam cones – it's time to STOP letting your food get cold and greasy while you build your tree! Cook your appetizers AND display them on the same device; the HOT DATE TREE is a combination solution that takes your appetizers from oven-to-table presentation, saving you time and effort. Durable, stainless steel construction means you can use it over and over again. And not just any steel – the HOT DATE TREE is made from high quality, 18/8 stainless for a lasting finish. Of course, its oven-safe, freezer-safe and dishwasher-safe; this product is always ready to help you entertain, and it's easy to clean.

The Holidays Just Got Better – With The Perfect Holiday Serving Tree

Our product is naturally shaped like a Christmas tree, so you can delight your guests by serving delicious treats on a totally new device found nowhere else in the world. For even more beauty, add a food star on top for that extra touch. Additionally, it makes the perfect holiday gift for your guests; even the person who has everything will be happy to receive one of these, because it's a brand new product!

Many Diverse And Wonderful Uses

The HOT DATE TREE takes you way beyond appetizers – you'll find many uses for this handy gadget, including a special feature that allows you to convert your hot appetizer tree into the perfect SUSPENSION STEAMER for vegetables, clams or shrimp. That's right, you can cook your tasty shrimp in the same device you display them on; in fact, you can actually cook them ON the device! Plus, the desirable cone shape makes an ideal VERTICAL ROASTER for delicious, juicy chicken – and remember, you're cooking healthy – because your food will be elevated above the grease and fat, on the HOT DATE TREE. Our ingenious culinary cone proudly stands 7.75 inches tall and 6.875 inches wide at the bottom; it's new, it's practical and you won't find it anywhere else. Rest assured, this wonderful stainless steel serving tree will meet all your entertaining needs and beyond; click here to order now!